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The rainy roads...

4 september, 2013
Where's the door that opens your mind? I need to know what it's like without rain in my head... I'm drowning in my thoughts Please? show me... Where's the path you've walked on your own? I need to know how to stand strong Falling, over and over again Please? Show me... Nobody can see who I am and why I'm struggling You do, but walk by Every time you reached out for me I said something insulting I mean it, I don't mean it, I promise, I'm sorry But I forgot this day Now I just stand there, soaked... and you're already a mile away Surrounded by my lies, but my heart beats like the falling rain Every step from now on hurts, one step for every lie I need to walk the rainy roads alone now But I'm already blinded by the sun If only I knew... That bending my head was enough That showing myself without the shell was the key That there was no hiding needed without the mask That without the lies there wouldn't have been rain in my head Now I want to apologize... For being that stick in the mud For bringing up the old times For being careless with your heart For not being around when you needed me I look up It's been a rocky road From the point where's nothing but a rainbow in between us We walk with four legs and two hearts But on one road Foto & tekst: www.reflectionsfromwithin.com
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