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17 juli, 2014
While working hard on collaborations I finally decided to take some time out just for me. I love everything I am working on now but I just needed my photography to just be about me again. And I found it so enlightening. I've been home for about 3,5 months now and I'm finding it difficult. Not in an "I am failing and I want to quit" way. Not at all, I'm working hard on everything and it is actually going well, but I have noticed that I miss the road. I miss learning about other cultures and meeting new and different people every day. I miss getting glimpses of other cultures while trying to merge in or at least trying to not be seen as a backpacker, because backpackers get treated very differently and I find that while being treated as a backpacker I can't really 'feel' the culture. I try to be something they can't put a label on, so they have to decide how to act on the spot and I find that spontaneity can show a lot of a culture. I wrote a blogpost about this and other things. You can find it here: http://www.isabellaprins.com/onbarefeet/Dematerializing
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