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Mountain Climber (Alps)

13 mei, 2021
This is a self portrait of me as a climber of the Alps. My credentials are Dutch Survival Champion 1st,Iron man 3x, Dutch/European nomination Run/Bike/Run, Dutch and World Youth Champion (20 years) 100m run (10,2),Judo Dutch Youth Championship (3th), Dutch indoor Soccer Championship.pro. (1st), Dutch pro.field soccer.comp (4th), Dutch amateur Soccer Championship (1st), Basketball Champion, comp. 1.st(4 times) North Netherlands, North Netherlands Youth/Athletic Championship (3rd/1st). Winning a brons medal in Austria at the age of 36 in a 5 km track race at a 1300m hight. Dutch Championship half (13th) and whole marathon (3th). Climbing instructor course. Reaching the highest Ridges & Summits of Austria. And nominated for a Brons, Silver and Gold Edelweiss for reaching those top summits in the Austrian Alps in only 10 days. Reaching the top summits of the Mont Blanc/Mer de Glace region in only two weeks.Run.100m(10.2).1500(4m).3k(9m).5k(17m).10k(36m) 42.2k(2h51m)Triathlon.1/8(1h01m)1/4(1h58m)1/2(4h.13m)1/1(10h47m), Run/Bike/Run.3,5k30b3,5k(1h7m)7,5k68b7.5k(2h48m)Bike24k(30m14sec). Swim25m(12.5s),2.5k(32,27),3.8k(1h11m),6k(1h58m),Iceskating.86k(4h9m)
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