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Sony NEX-3 - 500 - f/4.5 - 1/250 - 32 mm

The most striking part of the entire complex is the tower. This tower was erected in 1953 by architect Hugo Van Kuyck. It housed the offices and administrative center of the company. The tower is 58 meters high. The tower is used by the city as a meeting center, while the lower buildings are used as offices. Maintaining the open staircase in the tower was not that easy because of fire safety. The square in front of the tower’s entrance has been given the name Francis Wellesplein, after the first managing director of the company.

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Piebe op 30 januari 2020 om 14:26

A very good picture, this is my dream to a picture like this. A pity that the brown rail is interrupted. But still a great picture...

Henkje op 29 januari 2020 om 09:01

Very well captured. A great depth. A superb point of view. Great with the person. Great compo.
Very good work!

Greetings, Henk.

Neslihan-Fidan op 29 januari 2020 om 11:04

Thanks a lot Henk, really appreciate this !!

Henkje op 29 januari 2020 om 14:07

Concerning all thanks look at my profile.

Prismadonna op 28 januari 2020 om 23:08

Geweldige foto

Neslihan-Fidan op 29 januari 2020 om 11:05


Neslihan-Fidan op 28 januari 2020 om 22:09

Aartje63 op 28 januari 2020 om 20:48

The special effect, formed by the feet, hands and head, maks this photo outstanding. Bravo!

Neslihan-Fidan op 28 januari 2020 om 22:17

Thanks a lot, I appreciate that!!






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Sony NEX-3
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