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NIKON D850 (NIKON CORPORATION) - 1000 - f/1.8 - 1/60 - 85 mm

The RAI Amsterdam multifunctional parking building: a thirty-meter high building with eight parking levels that can accommodate around a thousand cars. It is located on the Amsterdam Zuidas and the A10 ring road and is an integrated part of RAI Amsterdam. A special feature of the building is that the first floor can also be used as a flexible conference room. At times when the RAI has no additional parking requirement, the garage will act as a public parking facility. Benthem Crouwel Architects has been the supervisor of the entire RAI since 1989. After the Amtrium and the Elicium, the parking building is the third building that they have designed at the RAI complex.

The building is characterised by a sleek, rectangular shape with two striking spirals on the south side, the so-called "wokkels". One spiral to enter the parking garage and another spiral to leave it. Because of this separate supply and removal of traffic, parking can be handled quickly and efficiently, an important wish of the RAI. The spirals are constructed from prefab concrete elements that, stacking together form the entrance and exit to the parking floors. They are iconic for the building, clearly visible from the A10 ring road, and in the evening blue LED lines emphasise their elegant shape.

The parking building is a "stand alone" parking garage, and a multifunctional building. Because the first floor is twice as high (7.2 meters) as the parking floors above, a spacious hall is created that can be used as an extension hall and conference room. The 2,800 m2 hall has as few columns as possible, so that the space can be arranged in all kinds of ways. The column structure is on a 7.5 meter grid. The building consists of three naves with a span of fifteen meters. The extension hall can be used independently for events, but can also be connected by sliding doors to the surrounding halls of the RAI complex. The top parking floor, the roof of the building, can also be used for various activities of the RAI.

1000 Parking lots | 8 Parking Levels | 30 Meters high | 2 Spirals

Client: RAI Amsterdam
Architect: Benthem Crouwel Architects
Design & build: Contractor Aan de Stegge Twello
Location: Zuidas Amsterdam, aan de ring A10
Start Design: 2014
Start Construction: 2015
Opening: Oktober 2016

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Henkje op 3 februari 2020 om 13:08

Een heel gracieus abstract; prachtig van licht en kleur.

artmen op 3 februari 2020 om 00:25

Fraaie opname.

Rob Bekker op 3 februari 2020 om 07:30

Dank je Artmen!!

nak-kos op 2 februari 2020 om 22:10

Mooie presentatie met deze kleuren en de informatie.

Gr. Nico.

Rob Bekker op 2 februari 2020 om 22:05

Dank je wel Nico!!





Rob Bekker

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2 feb. 2020 20:17:45
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85 mm
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