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ILCE-7M3 (SONY) - 100 - f/11.0 - 4/5 - 16 mm

This is the famous lighthouse Paard van Marken, nearby Marken a village at the north of Amsterdam in Holland. The location is known for its beautiful sun-rises and sun-sets. It was on summer and I have to admit there were tons of small flies, very annoying. The location is very quite and I will be back there during the winter when the water freeze making an even more special scenery. I did few shoots of the lighthouse and hope you like. This is a blending of 2 picture, one for background and one for the foreground to create a full field focus effect. Comments welcomed.

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Jodokuscul op 15 september 2019 om 18:43

Mooie foto met veel diepte.






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