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ILCE-7M2 (SONY) - 100 - f/11.0 - 1/90 - 200 mm

I made this picture this spring, 2018. April is the month of the Dutch national pride, the flowers. The colours have been saturated and I sharpened the flower field (fore/back) using a focus stack technique. I left intentionally some of mid ground less sharp to create a slight tilt effect. I am practicing with focus stack and other post-processing skills right now. The sun is almost in front-side of the camera and creates a golden effect mostly in the background. The field was not that close so I sued the 7-200mm F/4 lens. That's why the point of view is higher then I used to and more far that usual. I removed few distractions to the end of the field (mostly people and parked cars). Comments welcomed.


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