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wil wil west

1 november, 2021
Possibility of escape if it was possible ,send into the past in time-traveling machine ,like in the movie “Back to the Future”. Its sound crazy but where would you like to escape? You don’t wonder what it would be like ,if we lived in the era of old town in the West. Imagine the new old west or future , where everything is possible to create. We make the fashion industry more diversty . Beautiful design with Swarovski Crystal . Team Credits : Photographer/Art Director : M.Kwintera (@mkwintera) Model: Sensemielja Sumter (@modelsensi) at @dmamodels Model: Joan Kuhlman (@joankuhlman) at @dmamodels Designer ,Victorian Dolls couture : Marianne Huisman (@mariannehuisman) MakeUp Artist and Hair : Annemieke Tip (@muahlatip)
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