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Ochtend mist in Kinderdijk

Foto van de dag (16 juni 2020)

Wat een sfeervolle foto van dit oer-Hollandse plaatje! De foto heeft schitterende zachte kleuren en door de mist krijgt de foto een magische uitstraling. Gefeliciteerd vincenze met deze Foto van de Dag!

16 juni, 2020
Even de engelse omschrijving van mijn Instagram @vincenze omdat ik te lui ben om het te vertalen :-) En voor diegene die zeggen dat je daar niet met een drone mag vliegen, je hebt helemaal gelijk. Ik was er op dat moment niet van op de hoogte, foutje van mij. -- “Windmill Bonanza” For the past few weeks we have been treated with some amazing weather conditions for landscape photography, especially during the very early spring mornings. After getting out of bed at 03:30am I quickly drank a cup of (very strong) coffee, packed my photography stuff and jumped in my car and drove towards the famous windmills of Kinderdijk... Not really knowing that I was about to capture a photo that I have been wanting to capture for almost two years!! Ever since I saw Albert Dros his drone shot of the windmills at Zaanse Schans with low hanging fog during sunrise, I immediately was inspired and had the idea that this could also somehow be possible at Kinderdijk. The reason why these images are so rare and unique is because these type of conditions are extremely rare and very difficult to predict. Therefore I was extremely happy that I finally got treated with the most perfect conditions! And just so you know, this wasn’t one of those times I was just lucky.. It took me about 10+ failed attempts in order to finally get these conditions. Anyway, I hope you like the photo and I am also curious to know what you guys think of it.
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