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Blunder op 12 juli 2016 om 22:48

Very mysterious and an superb capture of the mood.

hybryds op 15 oktober 2015 om 09:41


Pauline1965 op 10 oktober 2015 om 17:03

Heel mooi beeld!

Formofadrop op 14 oktober 2015 om 14:03

Hartelijke dank! ))

wikado op 28 september 2015 om 12:18

GREAT PICTURE...love it.

Gr. Wikado +

renegeensen op 23 september 2015 om 16:51


Peter-D- op 22 september 2015 om 15:33

Fascinating creation(?) Well done!


Formofadrop op 22 september 2015 om 17:34

Fascinating creation and question mark between brackets! I'm wondering if you haven't seen the post by Volker Birke on pinterest by any chance? He made a weird gesture to promote my image without mentioning my name. I've got lots of reactions like this one afterwards from different sources. Some have been accusing me in being imposter )))

Peter-D- op 22 september 2015 om 17:51

I don't know what you are talking about and what you mean?
I don't even follow pinterest or Volker Birke(never heard of him) or anything/anyone else..or know who you are.
I just wondered if it was a picture created by camera...or in PS because it's very fascinating and different. So,there was a little questionmark with no further intensions. Nothing more nothing less! How must I know how you made this image?
I just liked the image very much..thats the only thing I wanted to say.

BTW...the reaction below(from Harry) was the same question..so it's not obvious how the photo was created/made. You can also create a photo by camera(for instance 'double exposure ìn camera). "Creation" doesn't always mean that it was manipulated.

Formofadrop op 22 september 2015 om 18:36

Many thanks, Peter for your kind words and please forgive me for the attack! You just stepped on a hot spot.))) It was really annoying to get all kind of messages with questions and accusations. It's certainly computer manipulation, combining different ways of photo treatments from fake double exposition to screen/overlying blending. By the way, Volker Birke is german, one of the worldwide most established photographers. Check it out! You might find it interesting.

Peter-D- op 22 september 2015 om 20:47

yeah, I noticed the hotspot It's OK...,I now fully understand the situation you were/are in.
I just was curious how you managed to get this great image. Thanks for explaining Oleg

Harry Sibum op 22 september 2015 om 10:54

Montage of reflectie in glas? Erg mooi! +


Myreflections op 21 september 2015 om 22:16

Prachtig! Heel mooi met de herhalingen.

jac49 op 21 september 2015 om 21:30

Prachtige foto ,voor mij Top !

botafriko op 21 september 2015 om 21:23

Fantastic shot! I love the repetition of the woman. Great us of the lines and of the lights. Superb!

Regards Roy

karindevries57 op 21 september 2015 om 20:46

Beautiful repetition, nice! Greetings, Karin

reiny64 op 21 september 2015 om 18:21

Zo mooi!+

TommyDijkwel op 21 september 2015 om 16:41

Gave plaat!

Formofadrop op 21 september 2015 om 17:16

Thank you, Tommy!

alicevankempen op 21 september 2015 om 16:22

Love it !

Formofadrop op 21 september 2015 om 17:15

Thanks, Alice!

kb op 21 september 2015 om 15:12

wonderschoon de herhaling

Formofadrop op 21 september 2015 om 17:15

Thank you, Cees!






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