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ILCE-7M3 (SONY) - 100 - f/11.0 - 1/10 - 16 mm

This is the famous Marken, north of Amsterdam in Netherlands. The location is known for its beautiful sun-rises and sun-sets. This was a classy summer sun-set. This is a small set of traditional dutch houses close to the icebreakers (those things out of the water on the left side). I waited till the flare was in a good position. I did not have done too much post processing beyond typical contrast, burn and dodge and few sharpening here and there. Comments welcomed.

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hulsman op 26 augustus 2018 om 11:26

prachtig !!
Groetjes Lia

lcutolo op 26 augustus 2018 om 21:49

Het was mooi avond






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