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Alexander Snel is a Film photographer from Dordrecht, the Netherlands. There is a story to everything. I am from 1989, a time where film photography was still a thing and digital was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t grow up with photography though. I was introduced to photography by a friend in school at the age of 17 and bought my first digital camera right after. I was hooked. After many years of practicing and self-teaching I found myself looking for a new vibe and bought my first film camera in 2013. From there I eventually moved away from digital completely. I have been shooting solely film from 2015. In 2017 I started my first project: “Invictus”, the pinnacle of years of hard work, dedication and meeting a lot of amazing people. A series of portraits combining two factors: The stunning beauty of the female figure in all it’s glory, pictured in some of the most beautiful locations mother nature has to offer. Invictus holds breathtaking images and is available for expositions and as a printed book. (see the store!) During my time as a photographer I whish to share my knowledge the community that has helped me to where I am now. I have performed multiple photography workshops and now offer one-on-one photography courses. Lastly, I also sell prints of my work on high quality paper. Do consider checking out the store! Enjoy! Alexander Snel

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