Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Our world is turbulent, noisy and full of distraction. With my photographs I try to provide silence, comfortable places of rest. When all goes quiet, the natural landscape shows its mystery and eminence. Once in a while something unusual happens and a scenery seems to reveal a wonderful singular appearance. A veil of mist, correlation of forms or strange changing of light can be thrilling and comforting simultaneously. Next to the expressed stillness and serenity, the work reveals estrangement. Despite the reality of natural configurations and actual weather elements, the outcome looks fairly imaginary. What is the origin of this surrealistic imprint ? What makes reality look so unreal ? Additionally, most of the captured moments have a notable timeless appearance. But contrarily to this impression of everlasting existence, permanency seems to be uncertain over and over again. The dimension of time has been pervading the landscape experience. Looming environmental changes give rise to a sense of inconvenience. Inducing these divergent emotions, including a feeling of silence, comfort, exaltation, estrangement and inconvenience, the natural landscape is all-embracing, precious and beyond value. Dedicated to implement mental concepts in landscape photography, with respect to the nature of the landscape, I never use photoshop to create effects, aiming to support my ideas.

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