Hello, My name is Olga, I am 24 and from all this time I am busy with photography for almost half a year now...Caught this 'disease' from my husband and I am really happy about it ...:-) I came to live in Belgium about a year ago from St Petersburg, Russia. I am studying Dutch, now by myself and very soon my courses are going to start, so if you react in Dutch, that's OK - useful and helpful for me, but if you decided to practice your English - fine, extra opportunity for me also! Thanks to everyone who visit my page! Ol 25.08 Back to Belgium! Noticed a very strange thing... When Zoomers are on holidays, they are not posting pics... When I was on holiday - I was really active... Now it's finished and I hardly have time again... I wonder how this can be! 09.09 Hallo, Ik ben Olga en ik kom uit Rusland. Ik spreek Russisch, Engels en een klein beetje Nederlands. Ik ben getrouwd en ik heb twee kinderen: twee zonen.

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